First Look: Zax

Reflexive Entertainment is working on a new action-adventure game. Screenshots and details inside.

Reflexive Entertainment has released some new information about its upcoming action-adventure game Zax. The game is set in the 24th century. Players assume the role of Rollin Triskin, also known as Zax, a man who hasn't seen his parents since they left him with his uncle for protection from the evil force known as Om. In his fight against Om, Zax will encounter several different types of characters, including both natural and robotic enemies. Master Om overseers are intelligent robots that serve Om directly. The Lord Om overseers are less intelligent, but they carry more powerful weapons. Jungle creatures are fast-moving two-legged animals that hunt in packs, and cave dwellers are slow-moving spiderlike creatures that can shoot deadly venom at their enemies. Orb slayers and scorpio flyers are two other types of robotic units used to protect Om.

Zax has access to several types of weapons to help him defeat the forces of Om. The light pistol is the basic laser gun featured in the game. The twin disruptor is an upgraded version of the light pistol that shoots two laser pulses. The tri-spread gun is similar to the light pistol as well, but it causes more damage with its three laser pulses. The autonomous nuclear disrupter shoots a cloud of charged particles that will follow its target until it burns out. The impaction cannon fires a laser pulse surrounded by a phase-dampened subnuclear envelope, which enables it to pierce heavy armor. The full automatic pistol fires a rapid stream of bullets that causes a great amount of damage to the target, but it burns through ammunition too quickly to be used in anything but extreme circumstances.

For more information about Zax, visit the official Web site, which is linked below. No release date or publisher has been announced at this time.

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