First look: WWF Road to Wrestlemania

Have a look at the first licensed wrestling game for the Game Boy Advance.


THQ has released the first information for and screenshots from WWF Road to Wrestlemania for the Game Boy Advance. The first licensed Game Boy Advance wrestling game will include 24 WWF wrestlers including Kane, The Rock, Triple H, and The Undertaker, among others. There will be five different gameplay modes to choose from such as season, exhibition for up to four players via a Game Boy Advance link cable, king of the ring, pay per view, and Wrestlemania.

WWF Road to Wrestlemania will also include six different match types including single, tag, cage match, hardcore, submission, and triple threat. In addition, title bouts will be included throughout the game's many modes. Players will be able to pick up objects and use them as weapons, and there will be multiple venues included in the final game.

Under development by Natsume, WWF Road to Wrestlemania is currently scheduled for release in November. We'll have more information when it surfaces.