First look: Worms Blast GameCube

Take a look at the first screenshots and movies from this GameCube puzzle game.

GameSpot has received the first screenshots and movies from Worms Blast for the GameCube. Set in the Worms universe, Worms Blast is a puzzle game that plays similarly to Super Bust-A-Move. The object of the game is to clear the screen of color-coded bubbles by shooting similarly colored bubbles from a cannon floating in water at the bottom of the screen. When the cannon touches the bubbles, the game is over. Complicating matters even further, the water level will rise as each round proceeds.

The gameplay modes include survival, star collection, time trial, death match, and don't drop 'em. Worms Blast also includes a two-player head-to-head multiplayer mode in which the player must outlast his or her opponent. There are a wealth of power-ups included in the game that can be used against the competition or to aid players in clearing their own bubbles. They include piranha, sea monsters, shields, boat repairs, fish food, water balance, weather balloons, torpedoes, and more. There are nine different characters included in the game, and they all have their own special abilities.

Worms Blast is currently scheduled for release on the GameCube in June. We'll have more on the game in the coming weeks.

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