First look: Woody Woodpecker Crazy Castle 5

A new Woody Woodpecker game is in development for the Game Boy Advance.

As part of today's 2002 E3 lineup announcement, Kemco has confirmed that it will be showing off the fifth game in its Woody Woodpecker Crazy Castle series at the show. As Walter Lantz' beloved character, players will need to help Mother Nature free the Fairy World from slavering demons. Alongside the good mother, players will need to explore a variety of element-themed worlds, collecting keys and other items, while assuming different costumes that provide the player with new abilities along the way. Woody can also find treasure chests filled with useful weapons, such as immobilizing dart guns and stunning fruit pies. Each world also ends in a climactic boss battle, leading up to the salvation of the Fairy World.

Woody Woodpecker Crazy Castle 5 is set for release this September on the Game Boy Advance. We'll bring you first details on the game and our hands-on impressions from this year's E3 show floor.

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Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5

Woody Woodpecker in Crazy Castle 5