First look: Venture Tycoon

Korea-based Animedia's business strategy game will let players run their own company.

Korean game developer Animedia Entertainment is working on an international version of Venture Tycoon, its business strategy game. The game, which has been released in Korea, lets players found and manage their own company. Players must lease and decorate office space, hire and manage employees, oversee the performance of projects, and monitor the company's stock performance. The game will evaluate players' business management skill in terms of company assets, manpower, and name recognition. The game was designed in cooperation with Seoul National University to reflect real-world business management variables. In addition, the game features an online mode to let players provide support for other players.

The English version of Venture Tycoon is now in beta testing, and a demo for the game is scheduled for release early next month. Animedia is currently selecting a worldwide publisher for the game.

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