First look: The Partners

Monte Cristo gives us a tour of its upcoming law firm simulation.

Monte Cristo dropped by the GameSpot office today to show off The Partners, its upcoming virtual-life game set in a law office. The company representative described the game as, "The Sims meets Ally McBeal." Like EA's popular virtual-life game The Sims, The Partners will let players decorate a group of rooms with a variety of objects and watch their characters go about their daily activities, and much like in the TV series Ally McBeal, law is often the last thing on the characters' minds.

Players will be able to manage a firm of up to seven characters, and they must keep their employees happy by catering to their needs. If two characters don't get along, they must be moved to different parts of the office, and often characters will need new objects in order to remain content and productive. Characters in the game will interact with each other in more than 100 different ways, including flirting, dancing, and shaking hands. The game will include 21 sitcom-style missions split into three single-player campaigns.

We've posted some screenshots in the gallery above that show off some of the game's characters, objects, and environments, as well as some of the possible social interactions between characters. The Partners is currently in the alpha stage of development and is scheduled for release this spring. For more information, visit the game's official Web site.

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