First look: Taz Wanted

Take a look at the first screenshots from Infogrames' cel-shaded Taz Wanted for the Xbox.

Infogrames has released the first screenshots from the Xbox version of Taz Wanted, which looks nearly identical to the PS2 and PC versions. Taz Wanted tells the story of the notorious Yosemite Sam, who has captured Taz. But Taz is able to break free, becoming a fugitive on the run. As Taz, players must try to find their way back to Tasmania, destroying all the Taz Wanted posters along the way and avoiding capture by breaking, eating, and spinning their way through the game's free-roaming worlds.

The game is currently being developed in the UK by Blitz Games, which most recently worked on The Mummy Returns for the PlayStation 2. Taz Wanted is scheduled for release on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 in May.

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Taz Wanted

Taz Wanted