First look: Sports Illustrated for Kids: Baseball

Bam Entertainment unveils its baseball game for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

Bam Entertainment will release Sports Illustrated for Kids: Baseball for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance in September. Although the game does not carry the Major League Baseball license, it will provide extensive player development and team management options. Players will be able to choose a type of team, a team name, a team color, and a uniform style. They can then pit their team against other GBA players and even trade players using the GBA link cable.

Each of the players in the game is rated in three distinct categories: speed, strength, and agility. Additionally, player and team statistics can be improved over time. However, the game does take an arcade-style approach to the sport. For example, some of the game's fastest players will have smoke and flames under their feet when they run, while some of the sluggers can have shock waves coming from their bats as they swing harder.

Interestingly, the game uses a dynamic camera system, which follows the ball as it is hit into play. Although the game is in 2D, this camera system gives the game a 3D look and feel. Sports Illustrated for Kids: Baseball is being developed by Sennari Interactive. Bam Entertainment will also release a similar-style football game.

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