First look: Restricted Area

Master Creating releases the first gameplay information on its futuristic role-playing game. First screens inside.


Hamburg-based developer Master Creating has recently updated its Restricted Area Web site with gameplay information and new screenshots of the upcoming futuristic action RPG. Set in 2083, Restricted Area will see players assuming the role of one of four different characters and exploring a world in which the cities have grown so large that they've merged to form one that covers most of the Earth's surface--oceans and contaminated desert wastelands being the only exceptions.

It's not yet clear what the player's role in this dark futuristic world will be, but Master Creating has stated that each of the game's playable characters will be able to learn up to 30 different abilities and have their skills enhanced through the use of genetically enhanced organs and cybernetic implants. Futuristic weapons will also be plentiful in Restricted Area, although it seems that some characters will prefer to employ psychic abilities such as telepathy, psycho kinesis, and clairvoyance.

Master Creating is hoping that Restricted Area will be available before the end of 2003, although no specific release dates have been announced at this time. We'll bring you more information on Restricted Area as soon as it becomes available.