First look: Neverend

Slovakian game developer Mayhem Studios is working on a console-style fantasy role-playing game. Screens inside.

Slovakia-based game developer Mayhem Studios is working on Neverend, a console-style role-playing game along the lines of the popular Final Fantasy series. The game will let players assume the role of Agavaen, a mysterious young woman with magical powers. Throughout the first half of the game, players will uncover clues to her true identity and afterward will be free to pursue whatever course they choose--good or evil--to help her reach her destiny.

The game will use Mayhem's Doubleform Technology, which is a system that combines prerendered scenes with the interactive nature of real-time 3D environments. This system lets characters walk around according to the shape of the terrain and use all the objects in a scene while providing a higher level of graphic detail than full 3D engines.

Neverend will feature a wide variety of characters, monsters, and quests, and players will explore an extensive continent filled with cities, castles, ruins, and other areas. The game will use a real-time tactical combat system that distinguishes between one-on-one duels and larger battles between multiple characters and monsters.

We've posted some screenshots in the gallery above, and they show off some of the game's characters and environments. Neverend is scheduled for completion by the end of 2002, but no North American publisher has been announced. For more information, visit the official Mayhem Web site.

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Isn't this Oblivion? Hordes of bad guys coming through a portal? Anyway, doesn't matter. I will not buy another fantasy AD&D style rpg, action/rpg or fps. Quite bluntly, I am fed up with Orc bashing, spell weaving and the same ol' fantasy world we see again and again and again. I will wait for Fallout 3, Boiling Point 2 or any RPG that deals with the real world, future, present or past - but REAL worlds. Not fantasy. I am up to here with fantasy! Unless we start seeing a wider range of story telling and world creation I cannot see how this market is going to survive. Imagine a movie industry where half the films were Lord of the Rings style movies. How long before hollywood started going bust as cinema goers stayed at home? Doesn't the industry realize that gaming was at it's peak when we had submarine sims and sci fi rpg's and comedy adventures - and think of the range of stories that Infocom came up with, from detective adventures to a story based in a circus! Now look at gaming......It's sad!


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