First look: Korsun Pocket

Matrix Games releases the first information on its upcoming turn-based World War II strategy game. First screens inside.

Matrix Games has released the first information on its upcoming turn-based strategy game Korsun Pocket, which is a sequel to the 1997 game The Ardennes Offensive. The game will use a greatly improved version of the original game's engine to re-create the desperate German attempt to escape encirclement on the Russian front in 1944.

Played on a map overlaid with a hexagonal grid, the game will feature a tutorial mode and both the Korsun Pocket and The Ardennes Offensive campaigns. For players who don't wish to invest many hours in a single battle, each campaign is subdivided into a number of scenarios that focus on sections of the battlefield. In the game, players are awarded points for the casualties they inflict and for capturing and holding key objectives. Points will also be awarded if players coordinate their forces in the same way that the historic generals did.

Korsun Pocket is scheduled for release on May 27. For more information, you might like to check out the game's official Web site.

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