First look: Kengo: Legacy of the Blade for the Xbox

The next game in the Bushido Blade franchise will be released for Microsoft's upcoming console.

Crave has announced that Kengo: Legacy of the Blade will be released with the first batch of Xbox games later this year. The follow-up to Kengo: Master of Bushido for the PlayStation 2, Legacy of the Blade will include the same simulated sword-fighting gameplay that has become synonymous with the Bushido Blade series.

"Kengo makes a tremendous leap in coming to the Xbox," said Holly Newman, executive vice president at Crave Entertainment. "Gameplay will be refined to highlight classic Bushido elements in a refreshing blend of both meditation and combat. The graphical capabilities combined with the internal Xbox specifications will make for one of the most complete and in-depth fighting titles ever created."

Kengo: Legacy of the Blade will include a variety of environments including a training dojo, waterfalls, a monastery, and bamboo forests. Like Kengo: Master of Bushido, players will be required to train and hone their skills in order to master the combos required to defeat a lineup of formidable opponents and eventually compete in the emperor's tournament.

Kengo: Legacy of the Blade will include multiple selectable characters with unique storylines, one-hit instant kills, a character edit mode, destructible environments, the ability to enhance character attributes for both mind and body, customizable combos, and a rating system based on honor and technique. The announced gameplay modes include training, street battle, imperial tournament, survival battle, and head-to-head. The ability of the fighters during each fight will be determined by life and spirit gauges.

Kengo: Legacy of the Blade is scheduled for release with the first wave of Xbox games. We'll have more information from E3 later this month.

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