First look: Kaisertal GBA

View the first screenshots from this shooting game for the Game Boy Advance.

GameSpot has received first screenshots from Kaisertal, a shooting game for the Game Boy Advance. In Kaisertal, players are pitted against the swarm, an unstoppable alien force that threatens to destroy the solar system. Players join forces with a neighboring planet in the ultimate battle against the swarm. Kaisertal is a traditional shoot-'em-up with nine levels, end bosses, more than 50 enemies, two different fighters to choose from, and two independent story lines. Interestingly enough, the development studio Formula, a division of Lost Boys Games, even promises variable weather conditions and real-time day and night light effects. A two-player co-op mode lets players fight together against the alien race.

The game is scheduled for release this autumn in Europe, and its publisher will be announced soon. A US release hasn't been made official at this point. We'll keep you updated.

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