First look: Fila Decathlon GBA

We have the screens from the first game under the recently announced licensing agreement between THQ and Fila.

THQ and apparel company Fila recently announced a two-year deal, which gives THQ the rights to publish video games under the Fila brand on all consoles manufactured by Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. The first two titles announced as part of the deal are Fila Decathlon for the Game Boy Advance and Fila World Tour Tennis, which is in the works for the Microsoft Xbox. Today, we have new screenshots from Fila Decathlon.

Fila Decathlon is being developed for the Game Boy Advance by Athletic Designs and includes 10 events, such as 100m dash, hurdles, high jump, javelin, and pole vault. Game modes range from single-event practice to a full regional, national qualification and Olympic tournament. There are also head-to-head possibilities via link cable. The gameplay system follows previous track and field games, in which for most events, the faster players hit the buttons, the better their athlete performs.

"Sports games are amongst the most popular genres, and Fila is one of the most recognized brands across the world for sports apparel," said Tim Walsh, senior vice president of International Publishing at THQ. "The Fila moniker will add authenticity and help broaden the appeal and credibility of our stunning sports games to a wider audience."

Fila Decathlon will be released early next year for the Game Boy Advance.

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