First look: Far West

Greenwood Entertainment's cowboy-themed strategy game involves cattle breeding, ranch building, and shootouts.

Greenwood Entertainment and Kritzelkratz 3000 are developing Far West, a cowboy-themed strategy game. The game features a mix of action, real-time strategy, and management. Players will build a ranch in the Wild West, and they must breed cattle, trade goods and resources, and defend their ranch against Native Americans and outlaws.

Far West will include a number of different units and structures. Cowboys are the basic unit, and they can be hired at the local saloon. They require coffee, beans, and whiskey to work. Cattle herds are the primary source of income in the game. Cows are vulnerable to attack, so they must be cared for and guarded by cowboys. The ranch is the center of the game, and it can be improved by adding new structures such as the house, cowboy lodgings, storage depots, and pastures. The town is where most of the trading activity takes place. The town includes the general store, the saloon, the cattle dealer's, the livery stable, the bank, and the sheriff.

The game engine will support 3D real-time graphics with a zooming and rotating camera. In addition to the story-driven campaign mode, the game will include a complete multiplayer mode. Far West is scheduled for release in early 2002. For more information, visit the game's official Web site.

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