First look: Deep Angel

Australian developer k26 is working on a futuristic submarine combat game. Screenshots inside.


Australian developer k26 is creating a 3D first-person action adventure game based on its episodic Web series, Deep Angel, which is based on an emerging submarine technology called supercavitation. Like the series, the game will feature a variety of futuristic rocket-powered vehicles that can travel through air or water.

The game is set in the year 2041. Players assume the role of a young subfighter pilot enlisted aboard the UNS Angelus, the United Nations' last hope against a tyrannical empire trying to take over the world. The game will feature an involved storyline that ties in with the series, and players can interact with a number of different characters. Parts of the game's story will be conveyed through a series of cutscenes.

Deep Angel is scheduled for completion later this year. We've posted some screenshots from the game in the gallery above. For more information, visit the official Deep Angel Web site.