First look: Bulletproof Monk

Empire Interactive releases new information on its upcoming movie-inspired action game. First screens inside.


Empire Interactive has today released the first gameplay information on Bulletproof Monk, an action game inspired by the Chow Yun-Fat movie of the same name. Essentially a fighting game, Bulletproof Monk will feature two single-player modes--arcade and story--that will be closely based on the events of the movie. The story mode will consist of 12 missions, and although the four playable characters in Bulletproof Monk will be complemented by a further eight that can be unlocked, it's not yet clear how many of these will be available for use in the single-player game.

In addition to the single-player gameplay modes, Bulletproof Monk will boast numerous multiplayer options. Standard multiplayer modes of play such as deathmatch, deathmatch plus, team mode, and tag team will be complemented by numerous original gameplay options, and although it's not yet clear what Bulletproof Monk's unlockable multiplayer games will entail, the titles suggest that there'll be plenty of variety on offer. The unlockable multiplayer modes confirmed to date include catch the monkey, the sacred scrolls, high score wins, Tibetan word chase, chicken chase, resilience, final blow, guardian, team maximum aggression, and maximum aggression free for all.

You'll be fighting in a total of 15 different arenas as you progress through the game, and Empire Interactive is promising that each and every one will incorporate numerous breakable and usable objects and architectural features. Bulletproof Monk is scheduled for release on PC and all current console platforms toward the end of this year. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.