First look: Arabian Nights

Visiware is developing an adventure game based on the classic book 1,001 Nights.

Visiware is working on an adventure game based on the classic collection of stories 1,001 Nights. In the game, players will enter the mystical kingdom of Akabha, in which the daughters of the Sultan have mysteriously disappeared on the eve of their 20th birthday. According to the laws of Akabha, if the Sultan has no son and the princesses have not married by their 20th birthday, all the power will be transferred to the Grand Vizir. Players must rescue the five princesses and return them to the palace before their birthdays have passed.

The game is set in a detailed 3D world of palaces and dungeons. It features a variety of weapons, as well as unarmed combat and colorful spell effects. Players must fight their way through seven episodes in order to rescue the princesses. We've posted screenshots in the gallery above that display some of the environments and enemies that will appear in the game. Arabian Nights is scheduled for release in Europe next month by Wanadoo. No US publisher or release date has been announced.

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Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights