Firaxis' Jeffery Briggs named CEO of the Year

<i>Smart CEO Magazine</i> grants distinction to the executive for his leadership of the Civilization developer.

Jeffery L. Briggs, founder, president, and CEO of Firaxis Games, was given Smart CEO Magazine’s award for "CEO of the Year" last week. Under the guidance of Briggs, Firaxis Games has developed nine titles in eight years, including Sid Meier’s Civilization III, Gettysburg, and Alpha Centauri. "Firaxis is a company that sits squarely within the center of influence in the fastest growing sector of the US entertainment industry," said Smart CEO editor-in-chief David Callahan. "Much of the credit goes to Jeff Briggs, who has built the company around a way of life, instead of simply building their lives around the company." Briggs was previously awarded Ernst and Young’s Software Entrepreneur of the Year for 2003. Firaxis is currently producing Sid Meier’s Pirates!, which is set for release in November.

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