Final Fantasy XI players banned

More than 800 are permanently booted from Vana'diel after abusing other players.


Final Fantasy XI

TOKYO--More than 800 PlayOnline accounts have been permanently deleted after certain Final Fantasy XI players violated the game's user agreement. FFXI gamers were ganging up to monopolize notorious monsters' hunting grounds, preventing other players from collecting the monsters' sought-after items. Violators also harassed and even killed their fellow Vana'diel denizens.

Grief tactics and harassment are specifically prohibited by Final Fantasy XI's user agreement, as is interfering with others' gameplay and dominating monster zones. "Acts such as harassment are forbidden...and they cannot be overlooked under any circumstance," Square Enix said in a statement. "In addition, severely disturbing the enjoyment of other users by monopolizing monsters is not acceptable. We have taken measures against players who have been clearly going against the terms of service." Victims of harassment are encouraged to use the GM Call to contact their game master.

This isn't the first time Square Enix has taken steps to prevent FFXI players from abusing privileges. In December, the game underwent an upgrade intended to reduce the impact of camping in notorious monsters' territory.

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