Final Fantasy X update

As the North American version of Final Fantasy X shapes up, SquareSoft releases a plethora of new screens from the game.

SquareSoft's Final Fantasy X for the Sony PlayStation 2 is currently in the process of being localized for the North American market. Much of the localization work has been focused on recording and implementing the English voice-overs in the game. To voice the game's two lead characters, Tidus and Yuna, SquareSoft has enlisted James Arnold Taylor and Hedy Burress, respectively. Final Fantasy X will be released in North America in January 2002.

SquareSoft has also sent out several new screenshots from the game. The screens show off some of the environments and characters from the game. Characters shown include Tidus, Yuna, Auron, Kihmari, and Lulu. One of the Chocobo training scenes is also shown. In the game, if the Chocobo you're training wins a race, the lead character will receive a very rare and desirable item.

GameSpot will have more on Final Fantasy X as the game's release nears.

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