Final Fantasy social game tops 1 million subscribers

Square Enix throws in bonus monster to celebrate recent numbers for Final Fantasy Brigade.


Last month, mobile portal provider DeNA announced and released Final Fantasy Brigade, a social game spin-off of the hit role-playing game series. Recently, the company that established the Mobage social gaming platform announced that the subscription numbers for the spin-off have crossed the 1 million mark in Japan.

Kill your enemies with cuteness.
Kill your enemies with cuteness.

As a way to commemorate the event, Square Enix has added a new creature into the game: a red chocobo that players can fight to gain rare abilities not found on other monsters.

The social game puts players in airships as they team up to defeat monsters of all shapes and sizes in the Final Fantasy universe. While the game is free, players can spend money on in-game items. The game's art style is the same style used in the upcoming 3DS title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

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