FIFA tunes span globe

Soundtrack for EA's 2006 FIFA World Cup booms eclectic international flare; Fisherspooner, Sergio Mendes, Depeche Mode headline.


International stages don't come much bigger than the World Cup. This year, the global soccer tournament is being held in Germany, where fans from all over the world will cheer and jeer every save, tackle, and goal.

With all the international celebrating going on, fans sober enough to retain their senses are likely to hear music from all over the globe. This sense of world beats is not lost on game publisher Electronic Arts, which today revealed the soundtrack for 2006 FIFA World Cup, set for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, DS, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation Portable, and PC.

British band Depeche Mode once again lends a song to an EA game (the resurgent rockers had their single "Suffer Well" translated into the faux-language simlish for a Sims 2 expansion). Depeche Mode's "A Pain That I Am Used To," remixed by Les Rhythmes Digitales' Jacque Lu Cont, leads musical representation from England, which also includes Howard Jones, Ladytron, and The Go! Team.

Other notable artists on the soundtrack include the American electronic act Fischerspooner and the multinational effort from Brazil's Sergio Mendes featuring the US' The Black Eyed Peas on "Mas Que Nada."

A complete listing of the 35 songs included on the soundtrack is below.

Song / Artist / Country

9 To 5 / Lady Sovereign / England
A Pain That I Am Used To (Jacque Lu Cont Remix) / Depeche Mode / England
Aloha (Wari Boom) / Polinesia / Spain
And Do You Feel Scared (The Eric Prydz Mix) / Howard Jones / England - Sweden
Big City Life / Mattafix / England
Chelsea / Stefy Rae / USA
Cuentale / Ivy Queen / Puerto Rico
Dance in My Blood / Men Women And Children / USA
Definition / Resin Dogs featuring Mystro & Hau / Australia
DesiRock / Swami / England
Destroy Everthing You Touch / Ladytron / England
Do-Dee-Dee-Deem-Dum (Sculptured) / Calanit / Israel
Down in the Past (Moonbootica Remix) / Mando Diao / Sweden
Fighter / Maximus Dan / Trinidad
Hip Hip Hooray (Dub Mix) / Sneaky Soundsystem / Australia
Ie Mae Jah / DuSouto / Brazil
La Prima Volta / F4 / Italy
Love Is on Our Side / Frank Popp Ensemble / Germany
Mas Que Nada / Sergio Mendes feat. The Black Eyed Peas / Brazil - USA
Namara / DT8 Project featuring Mory Kante / England - Republic of Guinea
Never Win / Fisherspooner / USA
People Shining / Furius K & Lou Valentino / France
Poker Face / Van Ness Wu / China - Taiwan
Sobremesa / Masrhon / Dominican Republic
Sweat / Urban Puppets / Sweden
The Calling / KES / Trinidad
The Other Way Round / Gabin featuring China Moses / Italy
The Power Is On / The Go! Team / England
Tiempo De Drumba (Dj Panko Remix) / Ojos De Brujo / Spain
Tijuana Makes Me Happy / Nortec Collective / Mexico
TipTop / tiptop / Germany
Tokyo, Tokyo / Die Raketen / Germany
What World / Damien J. Carter / Germany
Whatever You Want From Life / Voicst / Holland
X Girlfriend / Zola featuring Maduvha / South Africa



Fifa has always had the best music of all the EA games, May not sound like much but this soundtrack is one of the best in a game ever(that have licenced music)


if anyone doesn't know what a 'chav' is listen to Lady Sovereign, she is the biggest chav i have ever seen. God damn EA stop making the UK a bunch of Chav's.


Cool lineup. Would be good to see some more tunes from Asia or the Middle East, but these 35 should get the crowds rockin' nicely.


i disagree, i love the music on FIFA 2006and cant wait to hear this one


seriously.... what a waste of development $$. the music is probably the most insignificant part of a soccer video game


Kool, Black Eyed Peas are in there.


I barely notice the music! As long as the game lives up to my expectations, I don't give a damn about the soundtrack.


Kidkit i would disagree, I love the music on all the fifa's especially on fifa Street. That is probably the best thing about fifa. If you want you own music then get a 360 and you are set.


Fischerspooner + Ladytron + The Go! Team + football = Blissful


Anyone else sick of EA wasting so much time putting music in their games? I rarely like it and would rather have my own tunes going versus 90% of what they offer. Thank you EA for driving up game development costs yet not not driving up quality of gameplay.


THis game will most likey turn out real mad.


Aaaaaah Ladytron!!!! :) :) :)