Field Trip: Events & Activities Megathon

This week’s field trip shares events and goodies.

This week’s field trip shares the latest game industry events, items you may want to purchase or loot, and other community happenings at Capcom, Riot, Bethesda, Blizzard, and more. Check it.

Events & Activities


September 20-23 - Japan - Tokyo Game Show
September 22 - Cambridge, Massachusetts - Boston Festival Indie Games
September 25 - Irvine, California - Mists of Panderia Launch Party
September 27-30 - London - Eurogamer Expo
September 28- Hollywood, California - Resident Evil 6 launch party
October 11-14- New York - New York Comic Con
December 1-2 - London - Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tournament


- Save the Date: GameSpot will have both the Chris Roberts game announcement live stream exclusive as well as the GDC online awards at 6:30pm MT on October 10th.
- Win ultimate Far Cry 3 fan pack - Deadline October 2
- Win a complete set of 32 Skylanders - Deadline September 25
- Win PC Hardware in the Ravaged Contest - Deadline October 2
- Find Blanka and Kuma Contest - Deadline October 5
- Golden Joystick Awards 30th anniversary- Deadline October 20
- RaiderZ's upcoming Open Beta Test - Begins October 24
- Blacklight Bonus GP This Weekend
- Warhammer 4th anniversary celebration

To Loot or Not to Loot

- Creepy .GIF Animations now available at
- Load up some free League of Legends music on your playlist!
- Dragonborn figure now shipping
- DOOM 3 BFG Edition Avatars Goodies on Xbox LIVE.
- Sonic the Hedgehog Digital Trading Cards launch on Stampii.
- $40 off Resident Evil 5 PC Digital Download
- Colonial Marine Avatar Costume on Xbox LIVE.
- Nascar The Game hi-res Desktop Wallpapers and Ring Tones
- New Borderlands 2 items and apparel available at the Gearbox Software store.

The more you know…

- Modern Warfare 3 Elite Premium membership ending.
- option to appear offline coming soon.
- Grimrock Dungeon Editor testing requested by the creators.
- PSN Community Spotlight offers insight about how to convert a Non-Believer.

Career Path

This week we gathered some possible easy entry positions but if you’re a bit more technical in skills, you may want to check the website’s primary career page! Community Manager positions are currently available at Blizzard United States, Zenimax Germany, Riot Games Dublin, and Riot Games United States. Other interesting and fun job prospects include: Bethesda Character Artist, Riot Games Dublin Player Support, and Riot Games United States E-Sport Manager.

UPDATE: GameSpot is looking for a Senior Operations Engineer! If you have what it takes, drop by our careers page and apply!

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The Boston Indie Festival is in Cambridge, MA, not Cambridge, ME.


MA = Massachusetts

ME = Maine


Fair enough, though, as there are a lot of "M" states, making the short-versions of Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, and Michigan highly competitive.

Allicrombie moderator moderator

the career links might prove useful for people interested in the industry, thanks Jody!