Field Trip: Contests & EyeCandy

This week's Field Trip is packed with Halloween themed activities, contests, and information about the latest game industry community news along with ways to find free stuff or discounts on games.

Many game industry communities like Capcom, Bethesda, Sega, EA, Gearbox, and Blizzard are rolling out in-game content and contests around Halloween. This report is packed with ways for you to celebrate the spooky holiday, but don't worry, there's some regular happenings too!

Industry Community Activities

- Bethesda Killer Dishonored Moves Contest ends Oct. 31
- Halo 4 Soundtrack Remix Contest ends Oct. 29
- Win a role in Activision’s Walking Dead game
- Resident Evil 6 LampFree projector sweepstakes
- Turbine Pumpkin Carving Contest ends Nov. 2
- GameStop Assassin's Creed III Reward Giveaway ends Oct. 31
- Blizzard Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest ends Oct. 28
- Call of Duty Fan Megapack IV Giveaway ends Oct. 30
- Blizzard Comic Contest ends Oct. 31
- Halloween Gamer Costume Contest ends Oct. 31
- Capcom Design your own Darkstalker ends Oct .31
- World of Tanks Trailer Contest ends Oct. 28
- Unreal Games Wallpaper Contest ends Dec. 10
- Capcom Okami Pumpking Carving Contest ends Oct. 30
- Reddit Pumpkin Carving Contest ends:Oct. 29

To Loot or Not to Loot

- Borderlands 2 Halloween Masks you can print!
- Ravaged $10 off only $14.99 for a limited time.
- Borderlands 2 Golden Keys Giveaway at Gearbox.
- SEGA Halloween Sale on Mobile platforms.
- Lord of Ultima 50% off Castle Themes sale ends Nov. 2.
- Sonic the Hedgehog Toy Collection by Erector.
- XBL: Resident Evil 4 HD, Dead Rising 2 on sale.
- Guild Wars 2 Gems Cards Available at select retailers.
- Minecraft: Halloween Skin Pack for the Xbox 360.
- PSN SFxT Swap Costumes 50 percent off.
- End of Nations Original Soundtrack coming soon.
- Paint your own Dragonborn figure
- Guild Wars 2 Halloween Guide
- ClapTrap blue edition
- Gears of War and Fortnite Twitter headers
- Capcom store has 10% off when you donate towards charity; also earn a chance to win a Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set.

Eye Candy

- Command & Conquer Nod Pie
- Team Fortress Doomates Digital Comic
- Line of Defenses Digital Comic
- Street Fighter Car Spotted in Miami
- Epic Jack O’Lanterns
- SWTOR Fan Art - Movie Poster
- Brick Force Comic Episode 12
- Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel, Now and Then
- Treyarch Bloody Office Makeover
- Gears of War Wall Sculpture
- Plants vs. Zombies:: Stop Zombie Mouth!
- World of Tanks Fan Art Spotlight
- Starcrafts, the animation
- Dragon Ages III: Inquisition Concept Art First Look
- Resident Evil BGS2012 Cosplay

The Buzz

- Barcraft Gatherings
- Need for Speed Halloween Community Event
- Rift: Storm of Legions Beta event November 2-7
- Secret World Halloween Celebration
- The first annual Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo
- Team Evil Geniuses reveal some Starcraft 2 pro tips
- Team Fortress 2 Scream Update
- Wicked Weekend Celebration over at BrickForce
- Play BioShock Infinite: Industrial Revolution to earn rewards
- Pixar visited the Blizzard office report
- EA Breast Cancer Walk 2012
- Official Dishonored Mapp App
- Free-to-Play Shooter Hits Home


- SOE October Gamer of the Month
- Community Creation of the Week: A Bard's Song
- BrickForce’s Community Spotlight
- Concept Artist Spotlight: Naomi Baker
- PSN Community Spotlight – The Joy Of Horror

Career Path

- GameSpot Senior Software Engineer
- Amazon recruiting 10,000 extra Christmas staff
- Gamasutra Hiring Report : PopCap, Riot, and Retro Studios

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