Field Trip: Bit Byte Bit

It's another community field trip! Hope you have your permission slips!

Welcome to another edition of the GameSpot field trip, where we take a look at some of the exciting activities going on in the gaming industry. Today, we'll take a look at Capcom, Perfect World, Trion, Sony, and more.

Starting things off with the busy bees over at Capcom, we find them celebrating Street Fighter's 25th Anniversary. They are also opening the voting booths for Bandai's next Mega Man figure. Don't forget that this week is also Fright Club in San Francisco, where you have the chance to get your hands on Resident Evil: Revelations and Operation Raccoon City.

Coming up next, Trion has some updates for its fans. A new RIFT's 1.7 patch - Carnival of the Ascended is available, as well as a RIFT mobile app. Sony PlayStation 3's Starhawk beta has finally gone public, and it has announced it will be "completely open" on February 21. Blizzard also announced the StarCraft NASL Team League, featuring eight of the best StarCraft II teams battling it out for a $10,000 prize. And Activision launched its Call of Duty Elite app available on the Android mobile phone. Also, there's a new comic book coming out for its Prototype 2 game.

Meanwhile Bethesda has been exploring the magic of friendship with its My Little Dragonborn fan art, but if ponies aren't your thing, Splash Damage> has you covered with its Brink-inspired Nerf Gun. Funcom also has some massive content updates in store for Age of Conan.

Digging a little further on the interwebs, Perfect World announced that Star Trek Online will boldly go where many have gone before… free to play! Speaking of free to play, Riot Games' is having a League of Legends' contest. The theme? The art of Lunar Revel.

And there you have it: your recent look at community news around the gaming industry. Know something we don't? Send a PM to GS-Community or mention it in the comments below!

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