Fate of God game genre depends on success of Godus, Molyneux says

"If Godus doesn't exist, there are going to be no God games left," veteran designer says.


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The fate of the "God game" genre depends on the success of Peter Molyneux's upcoming PC game Godus, the veteran designer told GameSpot in a new interview this week.

"If Godus doesn't exist, there are going to be no God games left," Molyneux said.

But why? First, Molyneux said the God game genre does not translate well to consoles because the interface and the "free-form" nature of their worlds is tricky to manipulate using a controller. "Controllers are awful for free-form. They're very serial," he said.

That's why you see so few God games on consoles, he said.

Second, Molyneux said games like FarmVille, CityVille, and Clash of Clans have been labeled "God games," but they really aren't, he argued.


"I don't think they are God games because they're not playful enough, they're not about your world; they're about this very compartmentalized world," Molyneux said. "So I feel that Godus should be a reinvention of that game and then infusing that with the ability that all people are playing together is fresh and new and different enough."

No stranger to making lofty claims, Molyneux boasted that Godus will break new ground and do things that no game has ever done before.

"There is nothing like Godus that I have ever played before. It's not like any game that has existed before," he said. The game will offer "ultimate freedom," Molyneux said.

Also in our talk with Molyneux, he recalled the origins of the God game genre itself. He is credited with giving life to the "God game" genre with Populous, but he never thought of using that specific terminology.

"I didn't invent that genre; I stumbled across it. It was only my alcohol-soaked brain that came up with that idea. And then the press turned around and said 'Oh, this is called a God game' and I didn't set out to do it," Molyneux said.

You can watch our full interview with Molyneux below.

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