Far Cry Profile Preview #1 - The Weapons of Far Cry

Ubisoft and Crytek are almost done with their graphically impressive shooter. Take an up-close look at the hardware you'll be carrying into battle.

What do you get when you take a bunch of guns and put them in the hands of a double-crossed riverboat captain? You get trouble in paradise, or as Crytek and Ubisoft call it, "Far Cry," a very impressive-looking first-person shooter. The game will pit you against squads of very tough enemy soldiers (as well as other, less-human enemies) as you try to get revenge, get the girl, get the money, and get off of a tropical island alive. Far Cry will have a comprehensive single-player game with plenty of different missions taking place in colorful outdoor environments and sinister indoor areas, as well as full-on multiplayer that will let you blast your buddies to kingdom come.

But what good would all that blasting be without some serious hardware in hand? Far Cry will feature a sizable arsenal of conventional and slightly futuristic weapons that will come in handy while taking on all comers in single-player and multiplayer. With a few exceptions, just about all of Far Cry's weapons have both a primary and a secondary attack mode, and many firearms also have a "zoom" mode that lets you get a closer look at your targets or use a scope to draw a bead on faraway enemies. You can find more information on the weapons below, and be sure to check our media section for an exclusive new movie that showcases the various weapons of Far Cry. The game is scheduled for release in March.


The machete is dangerous at close range, but you're better off carrying a firearm.

When all else fails, or more accurately, when you run out of bullets, you may be forced to rely on your machete, which is deadly at close range but is a poor substitute for a firearm at a distance.

Primary attack mode: Close-range melee attack

This multiplayer-only item will let you be a handyman or a bash-the-other-guy-on-the-noggin man. While you can use the wrench to fixed damaged objects in multiplayer, you can also use it as a last-ditch weapon if you're caught unawares.

Primary attack mode: Fix object
Secondary attack mode: Close-range melee attack

This experimental weapon was designed for self-defense, though there will be times when you need to do more than just defend yourself.

Primary attack mode: Stun enemy
Secondary attack mode: Kill enemy

Handguns are good. Heavier weapons are better.

Jungle Falcon:
The Jungle Falcon is a heavy-duty semiautomatic handgun that fires high-caliber rounds. It comes with a removable silencer, for all your stealth-related needs.

Primary attack mode: Semiautomatic silenced
Secondary attack mode: Semiautomatic silenced
Zoom mode: Closer-view aiming

When you absolutely, positively have to sweep the streets.

Jackhammer Shotgun:
The Jackhammer is a semiautomatic shotgun that works extremely well in close quarters, especially in indoor areas and tight corridors.

Primary attack mode: Semiautomatic fire

The P90 is great for suppressive fire.

P90 SMG:
The P90 SMG is a light, fast submachine gun that loads quickly. Considering its high rate of fire, it's an ideal weapon for suppressive fire.

Primary attack mode: Automatic fire
Secondary attack mode: Single-shot fire
Zoom mode: Closer-view aiming

What's better than an MP5? How about a silenced MP5?

A slightly less-accurate version of the P90, this submachine gun comes equipped with a silencer. It's great for neutralizing hostiles in close-quarters battles without tripping any alarms.

Primary attack mode: Automatic fire
Secondary attack mode: Single-shot fire
Zoom mode: Closer-view aiming

The M4 carbine makes for a solid assault weapon.

M4 Carbine:
A relative of the M16A2 assault rifle, the M4 carbine offers good accuracy and a good rate of fire over medium distances. It's excellent for frontal assaults.

Primary attack mode: Automatic fire
Secondary attack mode: Single-shot fire
Zoom mode: Closer-view aiming

AG36 Assault Rifle:
This assault rifle packs a good punch and comes equipped with an attached grenade launcher for good measure. It's even night-vision capable.

Primary attack mode: Automatic fire
Secondary attack mode: Single-shot fire
Extra attack mode: Grenade launcher
Zoom mode: Scope

OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon) Advanced Assault Rifle:
This state-of-the-art assault rifle bears an integrated scope and a flat-trajectory grenade launcher attachment. It's also night-vision capable.

Primary attack mode: Automatic fire
Secondary attack mode: Single-shot fire
Extra attack mode: Grenade launcher
Zoom mode: Scope

The AW50 is the perfect weapon for when you need to reach out and touch someone.

AW50 Sniper Rifle:
This sniper rifle is equipped with a long-range scope that can zoom to incredible distances. While it has a very poor firing rate, and ammo for it is hard to come by, it can be devastating to enemies from afar. Your aim may drift slightly as you attempt to draw a bead on your enemies, so you can hold your breath briefly to steady it. It's also night-vision capable.

Primary attack mode: Single-shot fire
Zoom mode: Long-range scope

M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) Machine Gun:
This powerful machine gun has an impressive rate of fire that can chew through nearby enemies, though this increased power comes at the cost of accuracy.

Primary attack mode: Automatic fire

Make sure you're not on the business end of one of these things.

Rocket Launcher:
This powerful weapon can deal huge damage to enemy vehicles from a distance, and it's not especially kind to foot soldiers, either. Not only is a direct hit with a rocket lethal, but it will also send enemies flying.

Primary attack mode: Single-shot fire
Zoom mode: Scope

Mounted Weapons

Bombs away.

This stationary weapon fires a powerful, long-range charge that can be absolutely devastating. Far Cry's mortars automatically help you lock in on your target by aiming twice--once to zero in on your target and a second time to correct for your trajectory.

This powerful mounted gun can make short work of your enemies.

Vulcan Minigun:
This mounted machine gun isn't terribly accurate, but it has a high rate of fire and can be extremely damaging, both to enemy soldiers and to vehicles. It can be used by a single player--you simply drive and shoot at the same time.

Miscellaneous Items

Frag Grenades:
These standard-issue grenades can be extremely damaging up close if tossed into the midst of your enemies. They can also deform terrain.

Flashbang Grenades:
Flashbang grenades go off very loudly and give off smoke. They're great as a distraction against enemies, but getting hit by one yourself will alter your own vision temporarily.

Smoke Grenades:
Smoke grenades aren't terribly dangerous, but they create a smoke screen that you can use as cover while you close in for the kill (or run like the wind).

These deal no damage but can be used to make sounds to distract nearby enemies.

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