Fable III Walkthrough

King Logan reigns terror over Albion and revolution nears. Our Fable III Walkthrough provides a full walkthrough, side quests, and tips for ruling a nation.

King Logan reigns terror over Albion and revolution nears. Our Fable III Game Guide provides a full walkthrough, side quests, and tips for ruling a nation.

  • Walkthrough: A walkthrough of the story's main story, alternate paths, and side quests
  • Royal Rule: Learn how to shape Albion based on your choices
  • Xbox 360 Achievements: Boost your Gamerscore with a huge list of Achievements

Hero and the Guild Seal

Life Inside the Castle

After waking from your nap, pick one of the two outfits to start your journey. It may be sometime before you can acquire the other, so pick whichever appeals to you.

Follow the golden trail which will lead you to your next objective. Interact with your lover (Elliott or Elise, depending on your gender) and take them inside the castle. Give a speech to the workers to either boost morale or punish them harshly.

Meet with Walter and follow him through the castle. stop to sign or refuse some proposals from the people and continue with Walter to the training room. He will teach you the basics with the sword, including blocking and using flourishes.

Meet up with your lover again and follow them into Logan's chambers. After a scene, decide to either kill your lover or the towns people. This choice can effect some quests later, but otherwise isn't very important. Follow the trail once again to discover the Guild Seal and the Road to Rule.

Road to Rule

You'll meet with Theresa and she'll award you with your first spell: The fireball gauntlet. This will allow you to attack and activate seals around the underground cave. After returning to the main world, cast a spell over the circle on the ground to proceed below.

Fight through a group of bats ahead. You'll need to use your new fire spell as Walter will hardly do any damage. After clearing out several waves of very weak bats, use your spell again to activate the seal on the ground. You'll now be in the Sanctuary, your base of operations where you can change weapons, clothes, and warp to locations. Your first destination is the Dweller Camp.

Dweller Camp

Follow Walter to the main gate and he will give you some money. Your wardrobe is too fancy to meet with the leaders, so he advises you to change into something more local.

Use your money to buy a Dweller's outfit from the shops and enter the Sanctuary to change clothes. You'll need to wear the entire outfit to proceed further.

With your new garbs, head through the gate and meet with the Dweller's leader, Sabine. Afterwards, follow Walter out the gate and advance to Brightwall. Along the way will be hostile wolves. Kill them with your fire spell and move on. Also, if your dog points out treasures or dig spots, be sure to stop and collect them.

Brightwall Academy

A New Hero

Head into the Brightwall Academy and show the Guild Seal to the librarian at the desk. He will let you into the dungeon below to discover your parent's treasure.

Near the start of the dungeon is a melee flit switch. You'll gain word from Jasper that he has discovered melee weapons in the Sanctuary and will ask you to arrive. Head to the Sanctuary and choose either a hammer or sword. The hammer is strong and slow, while the sword is weak and quick. Take your weapon back to the flit switch and slam it to summon a bridge. In the next area are Hollow Men. You'll need to block and use a flourish to keep them from respawning.

You'll come to another flit switch that can be activated with your fire spell. It will create stairs to an upper level. On this level, follow the blue arrows to summon more platforms. Walking under blue torches will summon more Hollow Men, so stop to kill them off with your weapon or spells. Travel across the platforms to collect several treasures scattered around. Once ready, follow the trail to the level below. Vault down to the water below and swim to the gate ahead. and charge up your spell to open the gate.

You'll come to another flit switch at will require a gun. Return to the Sanctuary and Jasper will provide a rifle or pistol. The rifle is slower but more accurate, while the pistol can fire quickly but more likely to miss. Return once again and use your new gun to pass the switch. Advance ahead and kill the Hollow Men with your gun, allowing you to attack before they get close.

Advance and fight more enemies. None of them are very strong so use whatever means of damage you like. You'll discover the music box from Fable II and will be taken back to the Road to Rule. You can use your gained seals to purchase upgrades to your weapons, spells, and guns. You can also buy new friendly expressions, dyes, and the ability to buy houses. When ready, return to Walter in Brightwall.

Mercenary Camp

In Wolf's Clothing

Follow Walter into Brightwall's pub and steal the clothes from the drunken mercenary named Jimmy.

To sneak by the mercenary camp you'll need to complete your costume with a beard and tattoo. If you lack the funds to buy these items, you'll need to complete jobs to gain money. Jobs are mini games where you have to press corresponding buttons to boost multipliers and gain money quickly. You can pick from playing the lute, baking pies, and forging armor in the blacksmith.

After making enough money, buy the two items from the stylist shop in Brightwall. Head to the Sanctuary and put the entire disguise on and head to the camp. You'll be able to pass through a few gates, but the enemies will soon realize that you aren't Jimmy. Kill everyone inside. Your fire spell is the best beat for damaging these groups quickly. Continue along the path to find the mercenary leader.

Leaders and Followers

You'll be up against Saker, but he’s not one to play fair. He will continue summoning more bandits to fight on his side. You'll want to use your magic to take out his allies quickly and return the battle to a one-on-one fight.

As for fighting Saker himself, melee is the best option to stun him and prevent him from countering with his own area attacks and fire abilities. You can also keep a distance and shoot at him as he tries to close the distance. If you chose to upgrade one of your moves on the Road to Rule, concentrate on that to deal the most pain. Afterwards, decide to save or kill Saker for good.

After the battle, return to the Road to Rule. You can now upgrade your fighting skills further. You can also but new lover expression and the ability to buy shops. Upon returning to the camp, you'll be given Saker's Flag as a trophy.

Brightwall Seals

Even with the threat over Brightwall expelled, the people will not side with you until you gain more Guild Seals. If you want, you can grind on enemies and interact with dozens of townspeople. A faster option is to complete quests around the town.

Missing Play

Meet with Lambert and Pinch to learn that there is a lost play inside the academy. Follow the trail to the missing book and you'll be sucked inside. Change into the costumes on stage and complete the act to gain praise from the audience.

For the last act, you'll not just be using expressions to complete the play. You'll be in combat for this last scene and it's up to you regarding your character's fate. The script calls for you to die, and that is an option of just having the minions beat on you, however if you want to change the outcome kill everyone with your magic. Afterwards you'll return to Brightwall with the book and can return into to the playwrights to gain 20 Guild Seals.

Chicken Chaser

Talk to Bernard and he will give you a chicken suit. Head to the Sanctuary and wear the entire outfit.

There are nine chickens, broken into three groups of three. Lead them back to the coup and let Bernard deal with them. Alternately, you can choose to set them free. Don't worry, as you'll gain the seals either way and the outcome will not affect anything.

A Marriage of Inconvenience

Depending on your gender, meet with William or Wilma and they will ask you to seduce their spouse, Veronica or Vincent.

Meet with the spouse inside their home and use friendly expressions until they reach friend status. Afterwards, they will request a gift before furthering the relationship. Travel around the town and buy said gift, such as jewelry. If you lack the funds, stop and do some jobs to gain more money. Return to Veronica/Vincent and give them the gift.

Continue with nice expressions and soon you will be able to marry the spouse. Buy a weeding ring and propose. William/Wilma will confront their spouse and you are given some options: kill William/Wilma, kill Veronica/Vincent, kill them both, or simply walk away. Regardless, you'll gain more Guild Seals towards your total.


After gaining enough Seals, meet the librarian at the gates of Brightwall and promise to protect the city. Your next goal is to head to Mistpeak and take the monorail to Mourningwood.

Mistpeak Monorail

Before leaving on your journey, stop in the Road to Rule to buy new expressions, advance in your jobs and buy a new ice spell. This ice spell can be quite powerful, even more so than your first fire spell.

Move along the road and you'll have to do battle with several wolves, mercenaries, and even a Saker clone. kill this recycled enemy by the same means you dealt with the boss and move further into Mistpeak.

The monorail will break down just as it arrives and you'll need to find other means of getting through the caves. Follow Walter and you'll take a lift down to the ground level caves. The place is crawling with Hobbes. Use your new ice spell to easily kill them off.

Follow the path and you'll be required to swim for a little bit. This will allow you to get the drop on another group of Hobbes and will let Walter pass through several barriers. Finally you'll come to an arena with several Hobbe casters. Your magic is the best bet for taking out these waves of hardly threatening twerps.

Back on the Road to Rule you can but new dyes and the ability to spell weave. This will allow you to cast two spells at once. For now, consider combining your fire and ice spells. Return back to Mistpeak and on again to Mourningwood.


The Hollow Legion

As you make your way to Mourningwood, you can stop and collect a free pistol, the Bone-masher, which maybe stronger than your current gun.

Meet with Swift and Finn and they will teach you the basics of working the mortar cannon. Hollow Men will soon appear and you'll need to use the cannon to destroy these enemies. Finn will provide direction for when new waves appear.

The Hollow mean will break into the fortress and attack in large waves. You have the support of Walter, Finn, Swift, and some other soldiers as you cream the lesser foes. Soon the undead Simmons will bolt in and you'll be on your own for this fight. As with other bosses, melee is good for stunning, spells for area of effect versus minions, and guns for when there is distance.

Afterwards, promise to Swift and the royal army. You'll be given Simmon's head and be taken to the Road to rule. You can buy new bully expressions and the ability to steal from homes. Return to the real world and on to Bowerstone.

Bowerstone Seals

Follow Walter and you'll be brought to the resistance leader, Page. She is unwilling to help you until you gain more Guild Seals. Either fight enemies, interact with people or gather up quest completions. You can also enter the Road to Rule and gain new expressions, along with a new spell.

The Game

Meet with the mages inside a home and agree to shrunk with their magical orb.

You'll be taken into a miniature role playing game and will have to make choices regarding the outcome. There are some enemies inside, so be on the ready to kill them. As you enter the game's castle and you'll gain a temporary new sword, the Scimitar of Baron Slaying +3. Head to the Sanctuary and equip this new item as it will be required later.

Move to the next room and press the leaver in the center. This will summon Hollow men that you will be forced to kill off with your spells and weapons. Afterwards you'll need to explore the caverns below.

The "Baron" will summon Hobbes to attack you in the next area. Kill them off with your magic and confront the "Baron" with your sword. Afterwards decide what to do about the "Princess". You will return to normal size and gain a large amount of Seals.


Meet with Laszlo or Linda (Depending on your gender) outside the orphanage and they will ask you to confront Ferret and save their kidnapped spouse.

Follow the golden trail to the cesspool and fight off Ferret's men. Laszlo/Linda will keep Ferret busy will you dive below and find the lover. If you saved Elise/Elliott during the start of the game, they will be below, other wise it's a random character.

Return to the top and if it was Elise/Elliott below you can ask them to break up with Laszlo/Linda or stay with them. Either way return to the surface and you'll discover that Ferret made his escape. If you told Elise/Elliott to come back to you, wait a few days and find them back at the orphanage. Give them a wedding ring and you'll be able to marry them.

Reaver's Masquerade

The Masquerade

With enough Guild Seals, Page will join forces with you. She will provide you with a costume to infiltrate Reaver's home. Move to the Sanctuary and equip the entire outfit. Return to Page and head to the ball. After some scenes, Reaver will send you against several waves of enemies

You will need to fight Hobbes, Hollow Men and finally Balverines. Because Page is on your side you can be much more reckless. Use your combined spells to quickly destroy the enemies and quickly remove whatever small challenge the battle may have contained.

Afterwards promise to Page to restore Bowerstone and you'll be taken to the Road to Rule. Along with the normal power ups, you can now buy scary expressions.

Ship to Aurora


You'll need just one more ally in your battle against Logan: The people from the nation of Aurora. Follow Finn and Walter and they will lead you to a boat you can use and cross the river. Fight your way through the guards and use your magic to wipe them out instantly.

Darkness Incarnate

After some scenes, you'll arrive on the shore with Finn missing. Follow Walter and you'll enter a darkened cavern.

After more scenes, split up with Walter and flip the switch to summon the bridge. Walter will cross over and use his abilities to lower a barrier ahead. You'll soon be attacked by dark spirits and will need to move deeper into the cave. Magic is still your best weapon against these dark foes.

Walter will be overcome bay the darkness and you'll need to save him by killing the sentinel. As with all boss fights, the sentinel is best dealt with strong melee attack along with guns to close the distance.

After the fight, lead Walter outside. You'll be given a choice to leave him for dead, or help him along. Even if you choose to save him, he will collapse and you'll be forced to leave him. The darkness will return and taunt you for leaving Walter, summoning enemies that you will continually have to ward off via combat. After traveling far enough, Finn will arrive and being you to Aurora.


Meet with Selan and talk about the situation around town. Return to the leader Kalin and promise to protect Aurora along with Albion.

You will return to the Road to Rule and can buy a new spell, one of summoned blades. Return to the real world and you'll be notified that you have enough forces to attack Logan once and for all.


Battle For Albion

With Walter and Finn at your side, smash through the old quarter of Bowerstone and assault Logan's troops. There is very little danger as the royal army will support your cause. Your magic is still strong and the enemies are still fairly weak. Charge through and take out anything in your path.

Eventually Page will also come along. Scale passed the broken roofs and across the entirety of Bowerstone. Follow the golden trail to the thrown room and you will be brought to a scene of you finally overthrowing Logan.

356 Days Left


You will be crowned the new ruler of Albion and will have to make choices that will effect the outcome of your kingdom. You will also gain access to the treasury, which will be needed to defeat the Crawler and save Albion. The more money in the treasury, the less casualties in the end. however, gaining such wealth may result in evil actions. You can also donate your own money from jobs or housing to fill the treasury.

Your first order of business is to pardon or execute Logan for his actions while ruling Albion. Although there are comments from your allies regarding gaining Logan's army, you will have the support of his army regardless of your choice here.

Rebuilding Bowerstone

You'll be taken to the Road to Rule where Theresa will show you two sets of wings that will shape your future. You will be given good wings if you complete good actions, even if it means people dying in the end. The evil wings will be given if you make the tough choices and hurt people in order to amass money. Sometimes however, if too many people die from good actions you will be deemed evil. You can also be deemed good from evil actions that save lives.

You will have some orders of business for the rest of the day. You can choose to lower or raise tax rates will greatly effect your treasury income. You will also meet with Page and Reaver to discuss the fate of Bowerstone. You can choose to reinstate child labor, build a school, and repair the old quarter. While it would be great to construct such buildings, be mindful of the costs.

339 Days Left

Rule over Aurora

Among your duties for the day including deciding the castle's design: good or evil. you can also decide weather or not to make Aurora a part of Albion and protect it along with your nation.

The Desert Star

You'll also be instructed to travel to Aurora and find a lost diamond inside caverns. The area is crawling with fast moving enemies that can parry and dodge your attacks. Stick with magic and it will be hard for them to avoid your area of effect spells.

The diamond is at the very end, but grabbing it will summon even more enemies. You don't have to kill them however, and can choose to simply run for the exit. Return to the treasury and choose to either donate the diamond to the treasury or horde it for yourself.

294 Days Left

Improving Bowerstone

You can make choices to improve the treasury's money, including your stance on child benefits or fines. You can repair the Bowerstone orphanage or turn it into a brothel. finally you can choose to restore the sewage plant and kill up the water supply.

Crime and Punishment

Meet with Page and she will ask you to deal with Ferret once and for all. Travel to the Bowerstone pub and you'll locate Ferret and his men. Engage in the same standard combat of spamming spells and mashing the melee attack.

After the initial waves of enemies, Ferret will let loose two Saker clones. Like the real Saker, use melee attacks to take these copies out without much effort. Ferret will offer a large bribe to let him free. If your treasury is hurting, you can choose to take the bribe or bring Ferret to justice.

252 Days Left

Restoring Brightwall

Your choices for the day include outlawing alcohol or removing the limits on drinking. You can also choose to repair Brightwall Academy and clean up Bowers Lake. If you have the extra funds, feel free to invest in these or not.

Stolen Statue

You'll gain word that a wealthy noble wanted to donate a expensive statue, but it was stolen by a gang of Balvarines. Follow the trail to the camp and find the Balvarine leader. He will persuade you to join his cause and kill the innocent towns people. Either agree to his plans or not.

Regardless of your choice you'll have a fight on your hands. Use your guns and magic to quickly kill off the Balvarines and return the statue to the noble. You can choose to donate the money for the treasury or steal the money for your own pockets.

121 Days Left

Reinstating the Dwellers

Despite the number of 121, this is your last day to perform any actions before the final battle. Do what you like before making your choices for today. Choose to fix the economy or let it suffer and reap the rewards.

As far as other tasks, Aurora will request building a fort to protect them from the Crawler. The Dwellers will also ask to return to their rightful home. If you want to take the financial hit, agree to their terms or reject the idea. Finally, you will be forced into the final battle.

Final Battle

Do the Ends Justify the Means?

According to your actions, or the inverse results of your intentions, Theresa will award you with your set of good or evil wings. March through Bowerstone as Finn and Walter aid you along the way.

As with the rest of the game, combat requires little strategy and you can simply repeatedly cast your magic and flail your weapons wildly until the enemies fall. You have very little penalty from dying, so feel free to give it your all.

For the final battle you will need to kill Walter. He doesn't use anything special, so any combination of melee, guns, or spells will be enough to heavily damage him. Once Walter is dead you will have concluded Fable III.

Xbox 360 Achievements

Achievement Name How To Earn Reward
The Guild Seal Unleash your heroic potential. 10
And So It Begins Win the support of the Dwellers. 20
Swift Justice Win the support of the Swift Brigade. 20
The Resistance Win the support of Bowerstone. 50
Distant Friends Win the support of Aurora. 20
The Ruler of Albion Become the ruler of Albion. 80
For Albion! This is where you *spoiler* the great, big *spoiler* and then it all *spoiler*. 80
Save the Princess! Rescue the princess from the evil Baron. 10
Ghost Brothers Make sure Max and Sam get home in time for tea. 10
Tragical-Comical-Historical Help the celebrated thespians Lambert and Pinch put on the world's greatest play. 10
The Dark Sanctum Reinstate an ancient, evil temple. 10
Island Paradise Establish the island of Driftwood. 10
Knight Jumps Chesty Defeat Chesty at his own game. 10
Coronation Chicken Perform a royal judgement while dressed as a chicken. 10
Spellweaver Combine two gauntlets to cast a "woven" spell. 5
Archmagre Cast all 15 possible spell combinations 20
Total Warrior Kill enemies with melee, ranged and spell attacks. 10
Pull! Send an enemy flying into the air and kill him while he's airborne. 10
Gunning For Glory Kill 500 enemies using firearms. 20
If It bleeds, We Can Kill It Kill 500 enemies using melee weapons. 20
Wizard's Revenge Kill 500 enemies using magic. 20
Super Hero Fully upgrade your Melee, Ranged, and Magic abilities on the Road to Rule. 50
You Can't Bring Me Down Complete Fable III without being knocked out in combat. 50
My Weapon's Better Tan Yours Complete 3 unique upgrades on one of the legendary weapons found around Albion. 25
I Am The Keymaster Collect all 50 Silver Keys and 4 Gold Keys. 30
Flower Power Collect all 30 Auroran flowers. 30
Gnome Invasion Destroy all 50 gnomes. 30
Brightwall Book Club Collect all 30 rare books for the Brightwall Academy. 30
Digger Dig up 50 items. 15
We Need Guns, Lots Of Guns Collect all 50 legendary weapons. They won’t all appear in your world, so trade with other Heroes! 20
Fashion Victim Collect every item of clothing. 20
He's a Woman. She's a Man Wear a full set of clothing intended for the opposite sex. 5
Dye Hippie, Dye Dye each part of an outfit you're wearing a different colour and have long hair. 5
Hand in Hand Hold hands with someone. 5
Long Distance Relationship Get married to another Xbox LIVE player. 10
Cross-Dimensional Conception Have a child with another Xbox LIVE player. 10
Online Merger Enter into a business partnership with another Xbox LIVE player. 10
Barrel of Laughs Kill 30 enemies with explosive barrels. 10
We Can Be Heroes Earn 1,000 gold in henchman wages in another Hero's world. 10
Kaboom! Score 2000 on the Mourningwood Fort mortar game. 10
Lute Hero Tour Play in each town as a 5 star lute player. 10
Touched By a Hero Use touch expressions to interact with 20 different people. 10
Popularity Contest Make 20 Friends. 15
Remodelling Remodel 5 different houses by changing the furniture. 10
Magnate Personality Build a property empire worth 2,000,000 gold. 50
Henry VIII As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses. 10
Crime Spree Get a 15,000 gold bounty placed on your head. 10
Chest Grandmaster
Unlock all of the chests on the Road To Rule. 40
Tough Love Save the maximum amount of Albion citizens. 10
Adopt or Die Adopt a child. 5

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