F-14 Tomcat update

Majesco reveals further information on its Game Boy Advance flight combat game.

Majesco has released new information on and screenshots from F-14 Tomcat for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. In the game, players take control of an F-14 Tomcat equipped with air-to-air missiles and a 20mm cannon and battle head-to-head with MiG 29s, MiG 24s, and cargo aircraft. Missions take place in both daytime and nighttime settings, and along with the air combat itself, they involve peripheral objectives such as the takeoff, landing, and midair refueling. F-14 Tomcat is primarily played from a first-person perspective that shows a realistic control array including a targeting HUD and a digital position-data display.

"F-14 Tomcat allows gamers to experience one of the top flight games on Nintendo's impressive new handheld game console," Joseph Sutton, executive vice president of Majesco, said. "With its classic gameplay and polished graphics, F14 Tomcat is poised to continue the tradition and become one of the premier air-combat sims for the Game Boy Advance."

Up to four players can compete in aerial deathmatches at one time using the GBA link cable. F-14 Tomcat is being developed by Virtuacraft Limited and will be released this summer.

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