Exclusive Tron 2.0 demo available

The updated demo for Tron 2.0 is based on the final, gold version of the game, with improved networking code and a single-player level.

Buena Vista Games has released an updated demo for Tron 2.0 that is based on a more-polished version of the game than the demo released last month and includes a single-player level and several multiplayer options. The 202MB demo is debuting exclusively on GameSpot and can be downloaded from the links below.

The new demo contains a total of six levels. There are two training levels--one for disc combat that walks players through the basics of using the game's primary weapon and has a series of opponents spawn in to test players' skills, and one that teaches the basics of driving a light cycle. There's a full mission from the single-player campaign that will introduce players to the story and role-playing elements that develop over the course of the game's 30 missions. To round out the single-player offering, there's a single-player light cycle circuit race called "newbie authentication." The multiplayer modes include a light cycle map called "old system" and the disc arena map "battle rings."

Monolith completed development on Tron 2.0 in mid-July, and the game is set to ship on August 26. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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