Exclusive: Tribes 2 Beta Sign-ups

This weekend only, Sierra and GameSpot will accept ten more beta testers for the forthcoming multiplayer shooter - sign up inside!

Starting now and continuing over the course of this weekend, GameSpot will be accepting applications from readers who wish to participate in the multiplayer beta test for Tribes 2, the forthcoming team-based first-person shooter from Sierra. Although the game's official beta sign-ups have already closed - Sierra received over 36,000 applications in a little more than a week's time - there are ten additional beta test slots that have been made available exclusively through this weekend drawing.

In order to sign up, send an e-mail to tribes2@gamespot.com that includes the following information:

Your first and last name
Your e-mail address
Your mailing address

This information will only be used for the purposes of this drawing. Tribes 2 requires at least a Pentium II 300, 32MB RAM, a 4MB or higher OpenGL-compatible graphics accelerator, a sound card, and a mouse. You may enter the drawing only once, or else your entry will be voided. The ten winners will be chosen at random, and they will be announced this coming Monday, September 18.

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