Ex-Epic devs form BitMonster studio

First project from six former Unreal house employees to be Lili, an adventure RPG for iOS.

There's a new studio, a new game, and no chainsaw guns in sight for six former Epic Games developers who have struck out on their own. The group formed BitMonster, which today announced its upcoming game Lili, an adventure role-playing game (running on Epic's Unreal Engine) headed to iOS.

Hopefully Lili's adventure is larger than its lilliputian platform.

“We set out to create an adventure that is appropriate for nearly anyone," said BitMonster president Lee Perry, a former lead designer whose work on Epic properties ranged from Unreal Tournament 2003 to Fortnite. The game's titular protagonist will explore and interact with an island populated by mechanical inhabitants and use "non-combat" to contend with enemies.

Lili is in its final stages of production and will be available in coming weeks, according to its website. Check out the trailer below for a first look at the game.

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never excited about casual iOS games, even though I had iPhone / iOs






All these developers moving over to IOS games for quick easy money.  They're the bane of the gaming industry!


I'm curious about their non combat approach to dealing with enemies.