Evil Genius release date set

VU will unleash the spy movie-inspired strategy game on PCs on October 1.

VU Games has finalized the release date for its upcoming PC strategy game Evil Genius. Nefarious masterminds and regular joes alike will be able to get their hands on the game on October 1.

Developed by UK-based Elixir Studios, Evil Genius is a strategy game in the strain of the Dungeon Keeper games. Players get to construct a secret island fortress while playing as the game's titular bad guy, who is clearly inspired by the villains of 1960s spy movies. As a result, the game's feel and humor will present the Evil Genius as more of a Dr. Evil character than a Dr. No as he or she tries to recruit henchmen, thwart government spies, and build superweapons to take over the world.

For more information on Evil Genius, see GameSpot's exclusive series of designer diaries, the most recent of which details development on the game's sound.

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