Evil Genius demo out now

See just how evil you really are in the demo for the strategy game inspired by campy 1960s superspy movies, available now on GameSpot DLX.

Vivendi Universal Games has released the demo to Elixir Studios' upcoming game Evil Genius. The 192MB playable demo premiered today on GameSpot DLX and can be downloaded here.

The Evil Genius demo walks players through the interface and basic options available to a budding criminal mastermind. Relax in your inner sanctum as minions build your hidden lair and fight off the pesky forces of good. The demo unlocks some of the advanced minion types, such as the machine-gun toting mercenary, and provides the equipment necessary to train more--and ready your turf for an all-out assault.

Get the demo to try Evil Genius for yourself. In the meantime, see GameSpot's recent preview for more on the game.

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