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The Depths of Darkhollow await fans of the original; those who roll with the new can traverse the Desert of Flames.

A day after Sony Online Entertainment released the first EverQuest II expansion, Desert of Flames, the company is letting its original EverQuest customers know they haven't been forgotten with that game's tenth expansion, The Depths of Darkhollow.

The Depths of Darkhollow features the expected array of new monsters, new storylines, and new lands to explore, but it also includes a new spirit shroud system that allows players to take the form of a monster with abilities and appearances that expand and change the more a shroud is worn. Players will also get to use evolving weapons with stats that improve with use.

The Desert of Flames features more than 40 new creatures, quests, and environments, and introduces player-versus-player battles and the ability to climb walls into the EverQuest II world. It also tweaks the game's combat system and rebalances the various character classes.

Both expansions are rated T for Teen and retail for $29.99.

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