EVE Online: The Second Genesis E3 2003 Preshow Report

Simon & Schuster's massively multiplayer online space game will be shown at E3 2003.


Though it has already been announced that EVE Online: The Second Genesis has shipped to retailers, Simon & Schuster's massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the PC will be shown at E3 2003. Set in the vast expanses of space, EVE Online is designed specifically around the idea of cooperative gameplay. You will be able to set up and design your own corporations within the game's universe, and as you go, you'll find like-minded players to help you in your commercial enterprises. Standard commerce will not be your only option, however, as the game will provide numerous career options depending on how you wish to proceed through the game, including options to join law enforcement, become a scientist, join the military, team up with a group of pirates or smugglers, and even maintain a menial job at one of the game's mega corporations.

EVE Online will give you the option to maintain a solitary existence, but the true heart and soul of the game will lie in its team elements. You will be able to collaborate with other players on just about everything, ranging from the simplest of business matters to highly strategized combat. Success within EVE Online will be measured by your business ventures. Wealthier players will be able to expand their empires in a number of ways, such as by purchasing better ships, space stations, and even grants to scientist players to help in the development of new weaponry and technology. Additionally, players will have the ability to raid or hijack shipments of opposing corporations, which can often lead to bounties being placed on your head or all-out warfare.

EVE Online will also feature an impressive graphics engine, capable of photo-realistic rendering in real time of everything from oxidized aluminum surfaces and volumetric fire, to environmental phenomena such as comets and aurora borealis effects. Everything in the game will be seen from a third-person perspective from the outside of your personal ship, allowing you to see everything that occurs around you.

You can expect a full review of EVE Online: The Second Genesis in the near future.