EVE Online ships

Simon & Schuster announces that its space-themed massively multiplayer online game is now available.

Simon & Schuster Interactive has shipped EVE Online: The Second Genesis to stores across North America. The massively multiplayer online game, which was developed by Crowd Control Productions, is set in a universe spanning some 5,000 solar systems. Players have the freedom to pursue a number of careers, including employment at a large corporation, a position in law enforcement or the military, or operating outside the law as a pirate, bounty hunter, or smuggler.

"Three years ago EVE was just an idea for a massively multiplayer online game, now after much blood and sweat EVE is a reality," said Reynir Hardarson, art director and cofounder of CCP Games. "No game has ever been done like this in history or on this scale. We have been working passionately on EVE for such a long time and we are very proud of what we accomplished."

"My friend two years ago told me to check out the EVE Web site because the game didn't have a publisher," said senior producer Mike Wallis of Simon & Schuster Interactive. "I wanted to be a part of EVE's development, as I knew it was something special. Taking Simon & Schuster Interactive from console and PC games into the world of MMOGs has been an exciting experience and we look forward to watching EVE grow and take its place in online gaming history."

The EVE universe effectively went live this morning when, at 9am GMT, the game's servers were switched on. Copies of the game come with one month's free play, and should become available in stores over the next several days. For more information on EVE Online: The Second Genesis, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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