European MSR Release Pushed Back

The high-profile Dreamcast racer MSR is facing another delay due to a major bug that has surfaced in the final stage of development.

Yesterday rumors surfaced from several sources that Sega of Europe had pushed back the European release of Metropolis Street Racer by 14 days. Speculation suggested that the delay was caused by production problems with the game boxes. This is partly true. However, GameSpot has learned that another reason for the delay is a bug that surfaced when the first review copies were sent out to several gaming magazines in Europe. The bug affects the AI, the handling, and the general balance of the game.

Developer Bizarre Creations is currently working on ironing out these problems and getting the game ready for its final release. The European release of MSR has been pushed back from October 20 to November 3. The game will come to the US in mid-November.

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