Eternal Arcadia Delayed

The Dreamcast role-playing game Eternal Arcadia has been delayed.


Skies of Arcadia

Today, Sega announced that its Dreamcast role-playing game Eternal Arcadia - Skies of Arcadia in the US - has been delayed. The reason for the delay is to create an @barai version of the game, which lets consumers try the first few hours of the game by paying a small fee. If consumers are satisfied and want to continue the game, they can then log on to the Internet using the Dreamcast and pay the full amount.

Originally scheduled for release on September 14, Eternal Arcadia will now arrive in Japan on October 5. The game will come in three versions: the normal package for 6,800 yen, the limited-edition box for 9,800 yen, and the @barai version for 1,000 yen.

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