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Like most of LucasArts' graphic adventure games, Escape from Monkey Island will have a large cast of characters. Some of these would-be pirates will play an integral role in Guybrush's journeys through the Tri-Island area, while others are simply included in the game for comic relief. Here's a brief rundown of the main characters in Escape from Monkey Island. For a comprehensive look at the game itself, be sure to read our detailed preview, which is linked to the right.

Guybrush Threepwood: The chains of holy matrimony now weigh down the world's favorite pirate-in-training. As the closing scene of TheCurse of Monkey Island revealed to surprised players, Guybrush finally won the hand of the love of his life, Elaine Marley. Aside from that small detail and the addition of a third dimension, Guybrush is still the same swashbuckler that we all know and love.

Elaine Marley-Threepwood

Elaine Marley-Threepwood: The governor of the Tri-Island area is now the wife of Guybrush Threepwood. Although Elaine will occasionally let Guybrush play the role of the protective husband, she clearly wears the pants in this household.

Murray: The loveable talking demon skull from The Curse of Monkey Island is back. Although his role is a small one, dedicated Monkey Island fans will undoubtedly be pleased by his return. Murray is the official doorman of the Planet Threepwood on Lucre Island.

Carla, Otis, and Meathook: Also making a return appearance are the members of Guybrush's original crew from The Secret of Monkey Island. Once again Guybrush is tasked with the chore of finding a ship to sail the high seas with, and these three, although vehemently reluctant (poor Otis still has monkey nightmares), are his first choice as crew members.

Ozzie Mandrill

Ozzie Mandrill: Ozzie is a wealthy Australian land developer who has set his sights on the untapped commercial potential of the Caribbean. He challenges pirate landowners to games of insult-something-or-other and defeats them so soundly that the pirates sign over their deeds out of sheer embarrassment. Ozzie's influence on the Tri-Island area is immediately evident at the start of Escape from Monkey Island, as Lucre Island is now overrun by tourists, Starbuccaneers, and Planet Threepwoods. He now searches for the ultimate insult weapon in order to rid the entire Caribbean of pirates.

Pegnose Pete: Pegnose is an infamous pirate who stalks Lucre Island. He gets his name from the wooden prosthetic nose that protrudes from his face, a relic from a childhood accident involving a duck. Since Pete has never been caught, he's conveniently blamed for any and all crime on Lucre Island.

LeChuck, aka Charles L. Charles

The Undead Pirate LeChuck, aka Charles L. Charles: One of the greatest PC game villains of all time makes yet another comeback in Escape from Monkey Island (he wouldn't be so great if he didn't keep popping up, now would he?). Although thrice defeated by Guybrush, LeChuck has again managed to elude death and has returned to the Tri-Island area to menace the pirate populace. But LeChuck is no longer the scowling demon of old. He's kind, looks human, and is running for governor.

The Voodoo Lady: It seems that the Voodoo Lady always knows which island Guybrush is going to pop up on next. Just like before, she'll be there to give Guybrush directions for what to do next and clues to solve puzzles.

Herman Toothrot

Herman Toothrot: Herman is an eccentric hermit who's been living on Monkey Island for the past 20 years. Herman doesn't wear any pants.

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