Epic: Fortnite is "Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead"

Founder Tim Sweeney says PC game is blend of genres with Pixar art style, confirms studio also working on unannounced AAA shooter.



Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney has described upcoming PC online game Fortnite as "Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead."

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Speaking at Develop this week, reported by Eurogamer, Sweeney explained that Epic has morphed from a studio that focuses on one major title at a time to an outfit with its eyes on multiple projects of varying scale.

"Now we're building several games at different scales. We're building Fortnite, a PC online game which is a fun, sort of Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead," Sweeney said. "It's a 35-person team. It's not aiming to beat Call of Duty in terms of graphics. It's more of a Pixar art style and a limited project in scope, just aimed at fun as opposed to massive breakthroughs in scale."

Overall, Sweeney explained that by branching out and working on smaller projects alongside major ones, Epic Games' vision is to "master development at every scale."

"We're building a bigger, triple-A shooter project that hasn't been announced yet," he said. "And we've also internally started developing really tiny projects with two or three guys working together as a team for a few months in small scale game development."

"It's really cool. We're testing our development at all scales and learning it as we go. We're trying to master development at every scale."

Fortnite is due out later this year only on PC, though Epic Games has not provided an update on the game in some time after it had no presence at E3 last month.

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