Enix Confirms PS Dates

The company sets US release dates for Valkyrie Profile and Bust A Groove 2.

Enix America has announced the US release dates for Valkyrie Profile and Bust A Groove 2 for the Sony PlayStation. Valkyrie Profile, an RPG featuring both hand-painted and animated graphics, will be released on August 29. Bust A Groove 2, the sequel to the popular dancing game, will be released on August 22.

Bust A Groove 2 puts the player in control of one of 18 characters, including several new competitors and returning favorites such as Shorty and Strike. In traditional dancing game style, players must follow onscreen prompts in time with the rhythm of the game's music.

Valkyrie Profile combines RPG gameplay with elements of side-scrolling action games. Depending on the players' decisions during play, they can experience one of three game endings. Tri-Ace, developers of Star Ocean: The Second Story, developed Valkyrie Profile for the PlayStation.

GameSpot will have complete coverage of both games around the time of their respective releases.

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