Enemy Territories: Quake Wars Exclusive Profile Preview - The Vehicles of the Strogg

We've got the details on some of the vehicles that you'll use as a member of Strogg invaders in Quake Wars.

Splash Damage knows a thing or two about making multiplayer action games. The London-based development studio worked on the popular Quake 3 Fortress mod for Quake 3, as well as Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, the popular free multiplayer add-on for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Splash Damage is currently working on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, a game that takes the latest Doom 3 graphics technology and uses it to power an online shooter that will let you battle for Earth as the Global Defense Force or the alien Strogg. Quake Wars features both infantry and vehicle combat, and we're pleased to present the vehicles of the Strogg. The game is scheduled to ship later this year.

Strogg Vehicles

We don't know what exactly a heavy lacerator is, but it sounds painful.
Desecrator HoverTank
Long, low, heavily armed and heavily armored, the Desecrator is a floating nightmare on land, resembling a loathsome, segmented insect-turned-weapon. Mounting a devastating rail cannon in its turret and a heavy lacerator in its hull, the Desecrator can also hunker down in siege mode, sacrificing mobility for increased firepower. While the Desecrator can be operated by a single player, maximum effectiveness requires both a pilot and gunner.

This two-legged tank is extremely mobile.
Goliath Heavy Walker
The massive Goliath walker is a terrifying sight on the battlefield. Its articulated legs afford it excellent mobility over all surface types, allowing it to traverse difficult, sloping terrain and make sudden, unexpected, lethal appearances. At a distance, the Goliath is a lethal opponent with twin plasma cannons and a heavy lacerator, although its slow rate of turn leaves it vulnerable to determined short-range attack. The Goliath can also hunker down in siege mode to form a turret, reducing its silhouette and offering a smaller target.

The Hornet moves fast and hits hard.
A nightmarish, buzzing peril, the hovering Hornet is a heavily armed threat to infantry with its heavy lacerator, vehicles with its "strocket" missiles, and aircraft with its light plasma cannon. The Hornet is only lightly armored, however, and while the four vectored antigravity repulsors let it hover over a target, they also make it a conspicuous target. The Hornet can be operated by a single player, but it's most effective with a pilot maneuvering it and a gunner operating its weapons.

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After playing the beta, let me make some things clear on this. First, the Hornet has been renamed to Tormentor. Heavy Lacerator on the vehicles has been renamed to Hyperblaster, working quite similar to a minigun. The Desecrators railgun is named Plasma Cannon, and works like most tank guns do. Also, the Desecrator features siege mode, which locks it in place, and increases accuracy, range, and rate of fire for the plasma cannon. I am not sure if it affects the hyperblaster. The Goliath also features siege mode, like you have read, and has the same effect as the Desecrators siege mode. The Lacerator is an infantry weapon, and works like an assault rifle, but requires no reload and can overheat. What i have said might change in the Full Game.