Endless Ages coming soon

Summitsoft will release its massively multiplayer first-person shooter on June 2.

Summitsoft has announced that Endless Ages, a first-person shooter played in a persistent online environment, is ready for its retail launch on June 2. The game will let players choose to go it alone or get together with clan members as they engage in action-oriented first-person combat or work to accomplish thousands of quests. Endless Ages will let players tame and ride wild beasts and pilot a number of vehicles such as jetpacks, hoverbikes, hydrocraft, and submarines. There's also a range of skills like shape-shifting and mind control designed to set the game apart from others in the genre.

"Our intention with Endless Ages is to offer a more dynamic gaming element than traditional online games," said Bruce Lowry, president and CEO of Summitsoft. "The frantic, exciting nature of real-time action in a persistent first- or third-person world creates an excitement that hooks players, and keeps them hooked month after month."

Endless Ages will have a suggested retail price of $39.95, which will include a strategy guide and 30 days of online access. After the initial month, the game will require a monthly subscription fee of $9.95.

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