Eidos Expedites Daikatana

PC gamers can now wield Daikatana at retailers across North America.

Eidos Interactive today announced the release of Ion Storm's anticipated game, Daikatana, for the PC.

Daikatana is a classic shooter that game designer John Romero, the cocreator of DOOM and Quake, has produced for masses of action-game lovers. It features fast action and role-playing elements that let players gain experience points as they progress. Gamers take on the role of Hiro Miyomoto, who is assisted by two computer-controlled sidekicks, Mikiko Ebihara and Superfly Johnson, as they travel across four time periods to set history straight.

Daikatana features 24 levels, which include sojourns in Norway 560 AD, Greece 1200 BC, San Francisco 2030 AD, and Japan 2455 AD. Each period offers specific environmental artwork, weapons, music, and enemies.

Some of the game's multiplayer capabilities include an addictive three-player cooperative campaign, old-school deathmatch action, DeathTag, and Capture the Flag. All missions are available to play cooperatively, while 21 levels exist especially for competitive online play. You can go to Mplayer.com and GameSpy.com to find opponents to frag.

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John Romero's Daikatana

John Romero's Daikatana