Eidos announces Imperial Glory

Eidos and Pyro Studios plan to release a new historical strategy game early next year. First screens inside.

Eidos has announced that it will release Imperial Glory early in 2005. Currently in development at Pyro Studios, Imperial Glory is an epic strategy game set in the 19th century. The game will feature five great historical empires for players to assume command of, including Great Britain, France, Russia, Prussia, and Austria-Hungary.

"Imperial Glory will offer an unrivaled, absorbing gameplay experience in the strategy genre," said Inigo Vinos, PR manager at Pyro Studios. "Our overall aim has been to offer incredible depth and detail, but at the same time ensure the game is accessible to all players."

"Pyro's expertise and pedigree in this genre is widely recognized following the success of the Commandos series and Praetorians," added John Davis, European marketing director at Eidos. "Imperial Glory is a quality title that will shake the foundations of the strategy empire."

Imperial Glory will allow players to command troops on battlefields all over the world, including the green fields of England, the icy wastes of Russia, and the deserts of Morocco. Success in the game will depend not only on battle tactics, but also on politics, trade, diplomacy, resource management, and technology research.

We'll bring you more information on Imperial Glory as soon as it becomes available.

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