ECW Anarchy Rulz Hands-On

Acclaim's second ECW game tries to sneak away from the trappings of the last ECW game, but gets caught and put in a full-nelson until it bursts into tears.

ECW Anarchy Rulz is built upon the same engine that powered ECW Hardcore Revolution, which (sing along with me now) is the same engine that powered WWF Attitude and WWF WarZone. While Anarchy Rulz tries to go a slightly simpler route than the previous games, the sluggish and all-too-similar gameplay of this currently 90 percent complete PlayStation game make it, shall we say, less than enticing.

The moves system has been greatly simplified. Rather than having to hit two directions (such as down, up or back, forward) and a button to do a move, now simply holding a direction and hitting a button will execute many of the game's ready position moves. Other than that, the control scheme is roughly the same. The graphics, menu interface, and mode list is also roughly the same. One would think that after the abysmal reception that greeted Hardcore Revolution, that Acclaim would retire the old Warzone engine and start fresh. But as it stands, it looks like ECW fans are in for another disappointing wrestling game.

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ECW Anarchy Rulz

ECW Anarchy Rulz