ECTSMetropolis Street Racer Hands-On

Sega of Europe had a smallish booth at the ECTS show, but that didn't stop them from showing Bizarre's MSR.

The latest build of Metropolis Street Racer from Bizarre Creations was tucked away in the less-frequented second floor of the ECTS show. GameSpot stopped by SOE's seemingly discreet booth and took MSR for a spin. This latest code had two playable cars and three courses. We took to the London track in two-player action.

The game already controls incredibly well. The cars responded precisely to every move of the Dreamcast analog. The over-steer and the under-steer were implemented just right - not too exaggerated and still very realistic. The cars spun out at times when pushed too hard, but taking the corners half-throttle made for an easy transition into the straight-aways. Acceleration off the line was also very realistic in Metropolis Street Racer. One of the playable cars generated a lot of torque at low-end revs and unless the throttle is managed properly it spun its tires every time off the line. The other racer had a broader torque distribution and easily pulled away from the start.

As you can imagine, the coolest aspect of Metropolis Street Racer is the meticulously detailed environment. We've only been in London for a few days, but even then we recognized several buildings and parks around the MSR version of the city. It seems that the development team has implemented every last detail of the city into the MSR, from the zig-zagging traffic lines to even the most nondescript park benches. It will likely be a blast, in the final product, to just race around one of the three cities in the game - Tokyo, London, and San Francisco - and to drive by familiar areas and buildings. The game's cinematic replays are both entertaining and beautiful. The replay angles are nothing revolutionary, but it is cool to watch the animated driver being thrown around the cockpit.

After several delays, it now seems that Metropolis Street Racer will be released in Europe on October 13. GameSpot will have continued coverage of the game.

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