ECTS 2002: Race Tracks Unlimited announced

Westka Interactive reveals the first details on its forthcoming racetrack construction and management game.

Today at the European Computer Tradeshow in London, Germany-based Westka Interactive GmbH announced its forthcoming racetrack construction and management game, Race Tracks Unlimited. Scheduled for release in Q4 2003, Race Tracks Unlimited will let players create a variety of fully 3D race tracks in an effort to attract the world's most prestigious drivers to accept the challenge. NASCAR, Formula 1, and other types of racing will be represented in the game, and players will even be able to create tracks that attract drivers from all these different styles.

Race Tracks Unlimited will be reminiscent of games like RollerCoaster Tycoon, insofar as designing the course itself will be half the challenge. Players will also be expected to outfit their racetracks with concession stands and other frills, which will attract a much wider audience than just the car enthusiasts. The game is being developed internally at Westka Interactive, whose other current project is The Y-Project, a first-person shooter. Stay tuned for more information on Race Tracks Unlimited.

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Race Tracks Unlimited

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